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unprepared and beginning to panic
15 September, 2008, 12:19 am
Filed under: to do, whine

aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh less than 10 days until i leave. and i haven’t done anything.








things to do over the evenings of this week:

– finish going through art / stationery supplies.
– go to the art store for cotton paper, pens.
– order film, unpackage film, pack film in lead bags.
– decide to get / get developing trays, 120mm tank and reel too?
– should i bring a small pack of darkroom paper?
– clear stuff off laptop, buy/install RAM.
– back up computer, calibrate monitor. calibrate battery if time.
– buy lots of stuff at walgreens or cvs or something.
– vote absentee at city hall.
– exchange currency! ack.
– books! reading ones plus travel ones.
– DON’T forget headphones, chargers. will be angry later.
– sort out clothes, shoes, accessories, and everything.
– figure out which suitcases/carry-ons to use.
– possibly buy hard-shelled suitcase?
– figure out how the hell everything is going to fit
– …and not weigh three thousand lbs.

oh, and, find somewhere to live?!?


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