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summary post, part 2
30 September, 2008, 7:53 pm
Filed under: argentina, crazy, friends, jews, to do

so, i have been very, very busy these last few days trying to find a place to live and figuring out things like argentinean cell phones (i’m still pretty bad at writing texts in ‘word’ mode… i don’t even use that in english. also, there are about a million ways you have to learn to dial other phones- there are different numeric prefixes if they’re cell or land lines, and then to have people dial you you need to give them like 12 numbers… it’s complicated). i also had to recognize that the kind of shady-looking hole-in-the-wall ‘kioscos’ are actually the most important vendors in this whole city and that everyone goes to them for everything from phone cards to sodas to ice cream. also, argentinean spanish has a bunch of crazy pronunciations, some of which sound italian (the whole language here sounds italian-esque), some just… argentinean.
thanks to chris and jen for reading (and telling me you did so).

HAPPY NEW YEAR / SHANAH TOVAH to all the jews.

and, for the more educated reader,

is this blog pretentious enough yet?
other things i have to do in the next day or two: buy a wireless router which i have to sell before i leave; buy some curtains or cheap material that i can fashion into a curtain (the windows everywhere all have these wooden slats that block out the light, but they’re kind of ugly); plan out how much money i have versus how much money i am going to use… oy. summary is to be cont’d.
p.s. you should all get skype immediately.

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