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quantum of solace, and other films
25 November, 2008, 4:44 pm
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was just ok. but the issue that it deals with of fresh water in south america is somewhat accurate… when i went on day trips up into the mountains in salta province (details to come), i saw buckets placed under dripping faucets to collect whatever water came through, much like a scene they put in the movie. i’m not sure whether it was the same kind of water shortage as in bolivia or if if was more due to the altitude, though. the tap water in argentina is drinkable in the cities, whereas in bolivia and many other south american countries, it isn’t drinkable anywhere.
but, of course, any movie involving daniel craig is worth my 7 dollars.

other movies that i have seen here and what i think of them:

– ‘a foreign affair’ with marlene dietrich (A+! it was on tv. a true classic, and it has been added to the list of favorites.)
– ‘get smart’ (on the bus. it was ok. ish. kind of annoying, actually.)
– ‘duplex’ (also on the bus. horrible.)
– ‘brokeback mountain’ (don’t yell at me; i never saw this before i caught it on tv here… yeah, it was good.)
– ‘luna de avellaneda’ (on dvd. argentinean, good insight into post-financial crisis life, i guess, but just ok for me.)
– ‘el hijo de la novia’ (dvd, from here, very good although a little bit cliché at times.)
– ‘la fuga’ (dvd, argentinean, based on an actual jailbreak in 1928- probably was good, but confused me a bit, to be honest).
– ‘a common thread’/’sequins’/’brodeuses’ (french indie film from 2004, on the BUS, believe it or not. at first i thought it was lame, but i somehow ended up watching the whole thing and thought it was surprisingly good. beautiful cinematography and powerful acting. don’t know why this movie has like 6 titles – they apparently couldn’t decide.)

if there are more, i forget, and i’ll add them in!

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