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parr: painted photographs
25 January, 2012, 8:07 pm
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martin parr has collected and is now exhibiting these “painted photographs.” they once were press photos that got marked up by editors/publications to specify reproduction instructions or cropping, but they look fantastic as they are.


psychedelic george

george, 1967, by richard avedon. such good colors.

grey days
1 April, 2011, 1:25 am
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george will get us through this.

a beautiful friendship

george harrison and ravi shankar, heroes of our apartment.

we’ll get you in the end.
10 May, 2010, 11:00 pm
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beatles fans approach fatal attraction levels of stalkerdom (especially that girl giving the photographer the crazy eye). i’m guessing this is from around 1964? …”luv”!