i don't like fun

4 December, 2010, 7:36 pm
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j.l. borges’s first published book. fue de poesía.

this is because i am writing about borges all day and all night…

revista sur, septiembre 1940
23 February, 2010, 5:31 pm
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the dreaded summary post, part one
27 September, 2008, 8:52 pm
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ok, so. here is (some of) what i did from my arrival up to this point.
i got here, received a complimentary cup of café con leche, was able to check in early, and took a nap. then i woke up, went out, and got a cell phone (i had to bring it back the next day to get it to actually work). i proceeded to walk around the area called palermo soho, where i’m staying.
here are some places i checked out and liked:
kiev, a kitschy little store where i bought a wallet made out of spanish wonder-woman comics (approx. $8). i think that e.b. and jen would like this place the most.
– i walked up and down calle j.l. borges about a million times, just reveling in the fact that i could be on a street called borges… me encanta. here’s a borges photo by diane arbus.

oro y cándido had delicious coffee. there is a lot of good coffee around. it’s miraculous. this place was especially cute, though, and had cool free postcards.
– perhaps my favorite find, papelera palermo, was chock full of lovely handmade paper, journals, posters, serigraphs… everything beautiful. also, i’m sure it wasn’t cheap by argentinean standards, but it was dirt cheap compared to what this art stuff goes for in boston and n.y.c. (handmade journal for $4 !) i wanted to buy posters there, but i didn’t want to tote them around with me for months, so i have to go back. frequently.
– i also liked boutique del libro, a 2-tiered bookstore with a very cool café inside. the whole place was wood-paneled, and had one of those sliding ladders (like in the library in beauty and the beast…) so you could climb it and see the books that were way up high.
these all were only in one tiny little part of town. this city is absolutely massive… i had no concept of it, really. this is one of the most trendy parts, but there are a lot of just nice, independent places without pretension. (there are also some with pretension. but who cares?)

i’ve also been looking at rooms / apartments. i should be settled by the end of the day monday; more on that when i feel like it.