i don't like fun

dear diary:

i almost died of pure joy on sunday at the JFK library. here’s why.

1. i was within 15 feet of leonard cohen, paul simon, chuck berry, elvis costello, al kooper.

2. i was about 5 feet away from keith richards. i waved at him as he was getting on the elevator. he looked straight at me and smiled. it was a life highlight.

3. bob dylan sent an email to congratulate chuck berry [on the PEN new england songwriting award] that said, “give my regards to leonard cohen, the kafka of the blues, and lord byron keith if he shows up.” the greatest. no one says it like bob.

4. leonard cohen made a short, wry speech. and paul simon talked for a bit.

5. keith and elvis played chuck berry’s “promised land” on stage.

still processing all of this. it felt surreal, especially since i didn’t even plan on going to the event until the last minute, but it was all the more awesome for its spontaneity. a lucky day if there ever was one.

harvard nights
29 November, 2011, 12:38 pm
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hung out in harvard square saturday night for the first time in ages. it’s spruced up nicely at this time of year, and the weather was chilly and perfect.

did you know that gram parsons went to harvard (for a semester)?

once upon a time you dressed so fine

saw this guy live at the house of blues tonight in boston, killer hat and all.
he was grinning here and there during the whole show. it was kind of odd to see.

i was between 15-30 ft. from the man all night!

my highlights: blind willie mctell, ballad of a thin man.
he played the harmonica perhaps better than any man alive, but his voice was one giant raspy growl. still quite enjoyable. cross one off the bucket list.

but i was born too late
blame it on a…
simple twist of fate.