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summer’s almost gone
1 September, 2012, 9:45 pm
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when the summer’s gone,
where will we be?

28 October, 2010, 10:03 pm
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this would be good for me… easy to get coffee, difficult- yet fun- to get donuts. if only these truly existed in massachusetts, a.k.a. the land of dunkin’ donuts.
brilliance from fueledbycoffee.

good evening; i’m chevy chase, and you’re not.
29 March, 2010, 8:08 pm
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chevy chase buying milk and cereal, otherwise known as my current diet.
unlike me, however, he is grocery shopping in such style!

sxsw planning
12 March, 2010, 1:54 am
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the sad thing is, making these actually helped me wrap my head aroud what i want and need to bring with me to texas next week (even though some of these items are just coveted, not owned… at the moment).

above – ‘sxsw: day’

below – ‘sxsw: night’

16 October, 2008, 6:33 pm
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since i am too lazy right now to start summarizing things i’ve been doing but said i would update today, and since i just ate a great slice of pizza, i am going to talk about the food here. and drinks. et cetera.

number one – DULCE DE LECHE. it is the most delicious caramelly dessert and seems like it must be from heaven. but it’s all made in argentina. the best are these chocolate cone-shaped candies filled with dulce de leche – ‘havannets’ are the brand name of one of them – but i don’t know what they’re called. they look like this.

number two – alfajores. an alfajor is this dessert-cakey-thing that is essentially layered cookies with dulce de leche or chocolate in between the layers. sometimes the whole thing is coated in chocolate. they’re very argentinean and they’re everywhere.

number three – italian food is everywhere. argentineans are pretty much the most italian of latin americans. hence the pizza. mmm.

number four – what you’ve all been waiting for – cows. also pork. meat in general. they have ‘parillas’ which are more family-style grills that serve asados de cerdo o de bife (you can get pretty much every single part of a cow. or pig. grilled and served on a big wooden ‘tabla’). i tried some… but i don’t think i’ll be eating it too much…

number five – mate. yerba mate. it’s so good. hot and cold. people take around thermoses of hot water and mate gourds with bombillas (the straw part), and then there are vendors on the street that refill the water or the yerba for you.

number six – beer. lots of beer, and it’s not too expensive b/c there are a lot of argentinean brands that have local breweries as well as a stella artois brewery, i think. there’s also a lot of wine, if you go for that, from vineyards in mendoza and other parts of the country.

number seven – fruit. it’s cheaper and better here than the vegetables. it’s the cheapest if you go to the farm-stand places instead of the supermarket. so cheap, in fact, that i accidentally bought about a million oranges on my 2nd day here. i asked for 5 pesos’ worth (about $1.75) because i misread the price. i got 2 kilos of oranges. and had to carry them home. luckily, the wall in my room where i was staying was orange… so i could excuse it all as an artistic venture, resulting in this: