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‘happy’ birthday, franz kafka
3 July, 2012, 1:54 pm
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“i write differently from what i speak, i speak differently from what i think, i think differently from the way i ought to think, and so it all proceeds into deepest darkness.”
– franz kafka

dear diary:

i almost died of pure joy on sunday at the JFK library. here’s why.

1. i was within 15 feet of leonard cohen, paul simon, chuck berry, elvis costello, al kooper.

2. i was about 5 feet away from keith richards. i waved at him as he was getting on the elevator. he looked straight at me and smiled. it was a life highlight.

3. bob dylan sent an email to congratulate chuck berry [on the PEN new england songwriting award] that said, “give my regards to leonard cohen, the kafka of the blues, and lord byron keith if he shows up.” the greatest. no one says it like bob.

4. leonard cohen made a short, wry speech. and paul simon talked for a bit.

5. keith and elvis played chuck berry’s “promised land” on stage.

still processing all of this. it felt surreal, especially since i didn’t even plan on going to the event until the last minute, but it was all the more awesome for its spontaneity. a lucky day if there ever was one.

do you realize?
9 June, 2011, 1:37 am
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“do you realize that people don’t know how to read kafka, simply because they
want to decipher him? instead of letting themselves be carried away by his
unequaled imagination, they look for allegories – and come up with nothing but
clichés: life is absurd (or it is not absurd), god is beyond reach (or within reach),
etc. you can understand nothing about art, particularly modern art, if you do not
understand that imagination is a value in itself.”

– milan kundera

kafka rules
11 December, 2009, 1:39 am
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found this on my computer from when i saw roger waters play madison square garden a few years ago. half the concert was the entire dark side of the moon album, and the other half was assorted pink floyd and solo stuff. it was awesome.