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thanksgiving, quote of the day
27 November, 2008, 7:12 pm
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happy thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S.A.
… and no, i am not going to eat turkey.

quote of the day (mark twain on the definition and origin of thanksgiving):

“thanksgiving day: a function which originated in new england two or three centuries ago when those people recognized that they really had something to be thankful for – annually, not oftener – if they had succeeded in exterminating their neighbors, the indians, during the previous twelve months instead of getting exterminated by their neighbors, the indians. thanksgiving day became a habit, for the reason that in the course of time, as the years drifted on, it was perceived that the exterminating had ceased to be mutual and was all on the white man’s side, consequently on the lord’s side; hence it was proper to thank the lord for it and extend the usual annual compliments.”

i personally find mark twain’s grammar to be very difficult to decipher, but his debbie-downer-esque (anachronism, anyone?) criticisms are pure genius.

on a lighter note, here’s my favorite google image search result for today.

usually i would feel badly for the animals involved in this mockery, but it looks pretty photoshopped. maybe they didn’t have to wear anything stupid. this also might just be cute enough to melt my cold, cold heart… for a second.