i don't like fun

karl in latin america.
14 July, 2011, 12:34 pm
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100% love this guy.

he wore some great hats while journeying through mexico and peru.
(just like manu chao… except not.)

an idiot abroad
27 January, 2011, 12:48 am
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…is, hands down, my new favorite tv show.

“…is anywhere safe?!”

that’s deep, karl.

namesake, purpose, general business
2 September, 2008, 12:03 am
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in a terribly unoriginal turn of events, i am starting a blog. here are a bunch of people who already have blogs and will probably do a much better job than me at maintaining them: EB, melissa, ami li …and others, i’m sure.

let’s get down to business. the title of this page is taken from the one and only karl pilkington, friend of ricky gervais (who created ‘the office’ and ‘extras’ and is one of my heroes). i chose it because it made me laugh. in the clip, karl is trying to explain to ricky and stephen merchant why he thinks that the vacation between christmas and new year’s is “a waste of time.” he states, “i’m just sayin’… i don’t like fun.”

there comes a time when you have to realize that you’re taking yourself too seriously.

for more witty sayings by karl, ricky, and stephen, check out the pilkipedia.
anyway, i am leaving for buenos aires on september 24th. i am going to be exploring and volunteering for fundación ph15, an organization that provides kids from the villa oculta with cameras, photography workshops, and opportunities to show and sell their art. personally, i will be photographing a lot, but probably not digitally, so i don’t have a photo site and will probably not be posting pictures too frequently. i also don’t know where i’m living yet, so contact me by email or skype.

other rules and purposes i am establishing for this blog:
– the header will change sometimes. i’m indecisive.
– it won’t be updated every single day. sometimes i bore myself writing.
– some things i write about will be completely irrelevant. e.g. things i find on the internet.
– i will flagrantly steal pictures i like and will probably place them alongside various non-corresponding posts. chaos!
– this will be a place to put lists where i can’t lose them (because not everything can fit on the back of my hand when i write lists there).
i’ll probably think of more later.